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Afghanistan and Climate Change: Challenges and Responses

Afghanistan is a landlocked country in South Asia, bordered by Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and China. Its population is…

Amina Zarif By Amina Zarif 8 Min Read

ISIS-K Claims Responsibility for Attack on Hazara Community in Kabul

The Islamic State's Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) has claimed responsibility for a deadly explosion in Kabul on 20 April. The attack…

Yusuf Barak By Yusuf Barak 1 Min Read

Afghanistan Flooding Devastates Communities; Death Toll Rises

Afghanistan continues to grapple with relentless heavy rains and severe flooding, with the Taliban's Ministry of Disaster Management confirming a…

Amina Zarif By Amina Zarif 2 Min Read

Iran Executes Five Afghans, Including Brothers, Over Drug and Murder Charges

The Iranian government has executed five Afghan nationals, including two brothers, according to the human rights website Hawalvash. Four of…

Amina Zarif By Amina Zarif 2 Min Read

Relentless Rains Batter Afghanistan, 50 Dead, More Misery Feared

KABUL, Afghanistan – Weeks of relentless downpours, flooding, unpredictable weather, and shockingly severe hailstorms have pushed Afghanistan into a deepening…

Amina Zarif By Amina Zarif 3 Min Read

Taliban Government Considers Restrictions or Ban on Facebook

The Taliban government in Afghanistan has announced the development of a strategy that could restrict or potentially ban the social…

Amina Zarif By Amina Zarif 3 Min Read

Afghan Journalists in Exile Face Security Concerns, Seek Support

Afghan journalists currently residing in Europe and North America issued a statement following the recent attack on Ahmad Hanayesh, a…

Daud Sarwar By Daud Sarwar 3 Min Read

Afghanistan Landmines: Children Killed, Lives Shattered in Ongoing Crisis

While the world marks April 4th as International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, this year's observance…

Yusuf Barak By Yusuf Barak 8 Min Read

Suicide Attack in Kandahar Kills Over 20; ISK Claims Responsibility

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – The death toll from today's suicide attack in Kandahar has exceeded 20, with sources at Mirwais Hospital…

Yusuf Barak By Yusuf Barak 5 Min Read

Mujahid: TTP is Not in Our Pocket; TTP is the result of the faulty policies of the Pakistani military leaders

Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Afghan government led by the Taliban, says, "The TTP is not in our pocket.…

Amina Zarif By Amina Zarif 7 Min Read

Pakistan Bombs Afghan Border Villages; Taliban Calls Attack ‘Irresponsible’

Taliban Condemns Pakistan Airstrikes, Vows Retaliation After Civilian Deaths The Taliban government has accused Pakistan of violating Afghan airspace and…

Yusuf Barak By Yusuf Barak 3 Min Read

Afghanistan Flag: A Nation Defined by Colors

The white banner of the Taliban may flutter over Afghan government buildings. Still, Afghans, both within the country and abroad,…

Amina Zarif By Amina Zarif 18 Min Read