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Afghan Animal Habitats: From Snow Leopards to Rare Falcons

With its rugged mountains and sweeping deserts, Afghanistan is a land of…

Daud Sarwar By Daud Sarwar

Turkish Airlines Resumes Flights to Afghanistan After 3 Years

After nearly three years of suspended services due to political instability following…

Afghan Insight By Afghan Insight

Travel to Afghanistan: A Destination Between Beauty and Uncertainty

Travel to Afghanistan remains a highly controversial topic. While the country boasts…

Yusuf Barak By Yusuf Barak

Afghanistan’s Traffic Accidents: 1,600+ Deaths in 10 Months

Afghanistan has recorded approximately 3,000 traffic accidents this year, resulting in over…

Yusuf Barak By Yusuf Barak

Revealing the Reasons Behind the Afghanistan Passport Crisis: Why Afghans Are Desperate for Passports

Passport distribution agencies in Afghanistan have witnessed enormous crowds recently, attracting attention…

Daud Sarwar By Daud Sarwar