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Badakhshan Poppy Eradication Conflict Leads to Taliban Prosecuting Soldiers

The Taliban government has announced it will prosecute soldiers involved in firing…

Afghan Insight By Afghan Insight

What Makes Afghanistan the World’s Saddest Country? A Comprehensive Look at the Happiness Crisis

The 2024 World Happiness Report paints a sobering picture of Afghanistan, ranking…

Daud Sarwar By Daud Sarwar

Pakistan Afghanistan Border Reopening: Trade Gates Swing Open After 10-Day Hiatus

Pakistan has resumed its trade routes with Afghanistan, marking the reopening of…

Yusuf Barak By Yusuf Barak

Living on Less than a Dollar a Day: The Stark Reality of Afghanistan’s Economic Crisis

In Kabul's bustling yet worn-down streets, Mira Jan's story, a displaced resident…

Daud Sarwar By Daud Sarwar